For students of English

For students of English, here is some practice with tenses:

Present Simple:
Russian soldiers are in Ukraine.

Present Continuous:
Russia is invading Ukraine

Present Perfect:
Russia has invaded Ukraine

Present Perfect Continuous:
Russia has been invading Ukraine since March.

Past Simple:
Putin admitted he sent Russian soldiers to Crimea before the Annexation.

Past Continuous:
Putin was lying when he said there were no Russian soldiers in Crimea.

Past Perfect:
Russian soldiers had been in Crimea since mid February.

Past Perfect Continuous:
Putin had been lying about Crimea the whole time.

Future Simple:
Putin will admit that Russian soldiers are in Donbas in the near future.

Future Continuous:
Ukraine will be fighting against Russia until Putin is gone.

Future Perfect:
Ukrainians will have killed many Russian soldiers in Donbas by the end of this month.

Future Perfect Continuous:
By the time he is held accountable, Putin will have been lying about his invasions for years.

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